Clinical Volunteers

What would I have to do?

You would have to attend out Broughton Street premises, during office hours, on various test days and times. Test duration can range from a few hours (where you may or not be asked to remain at the test centre) to a few visits over several weeks.

Would I be eligible?

Our recruitment team would provide full study details and would establish whether or not you were suitable for the study.

You would need to fill in a questionnaire about your health each time you participate in a new study. You may or may not continue onto the study, depending on your answers to these questions. You would also need to tell us about any medication you are taking as this could affect the test results. For some tests we may need to advise your GP of your participation but we would tell you this in advance.

What is the most common type of study you do?

Patch Tests

These tests are used as the final step in the safety evaluation of new products and are the most frequent type of tests done at the Test Centre. Materials such as toiletries, detergents and other consumer products are tested for their irritancy and allergic potential. The test products are placed under a strip of adhesive tape on the upper arm or back and are left in position for either 24 hours or 48 hours, depending on the type of patch test. The most commonly used test involved attending the test centre for 20 minutes on 5 consecutive days during one week (Monday-Friday). On each day a patch is applied after assessment of any skin reaction. The test products are unlikely to cause anything more than moderate redness or dryness over the test area and a careful check is kept to ensure a minimum if discomfort. A Dermatologist is available for consultation if required.

Claim Substantiation Studies

Products claim such as "8 Hour Moisturisation" or "smoothes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles" can be substantiated with these trials. The water content or sebrum levels (oiliness) of the skin/hair can be measured using various instruments. Test duration can range from 8hrs (where you may or may not be asked to remain at the test centre) to a few visits over several weeks.

Would I get paid?

A cheque is prepared on full completion of a test. Details of the amount will be given to you before starting a starting a test. The amount varies depending on the number of visits and length of each visit to the test centre. No other additional expenses will be paid to cover bus fares, parking fees, petrol money etc.

Is it safe?

At Alba Science we ethically follow and adhere to strictly regulated UK guidelines and procedures. Feel safe in the knowledge that you are volunteering for one of the UK's leading Clinical Research Organisations.

UK Wide Home Tester Volunteers

Home use test involve volunteers' co-operation in using a product at home following normal usage conditions. The test procedure will be posted to you at home. You will beasked to complete an on-line questionnaire regarding your perception of the product. No expenses will be provided for this type of study but you will be allowed to keep the test products.