Quality of Life Study: Infant Reflux/Regurgitation

Trial Summary

Do you have a baby aged 0-6 months who suffers with reflux or regurgitation (also known as posseting or spitting up)?

Alba Science are looking for parents who have a baby with this condition that has been diagnosed by your GP or Health Visitor. You will need to be currently using either Anti-Reflux Formula Milk or Gaviscon Infant or you might have only received reassurance or practical advice (e.g. feeding and positioning) from your GP or Health visitor to treat this condition.

We are running a 1-week survey to gather data on the quality of life of parents with babies who suffer from reflux or regurgitation. You will be provided expenses for taking part in the study.

Please contact Alba Science via phone on 0131 297 0030 or email reflux@albascience.com to note interest.