Eczema Biopsy Study

Study Summary

You are invited to participate in a research study.  The purpose of you taking part in this clinical procedure is to provide fresh tissue biopsy samples for use in an external research study.

You will be required to attend 1 visit to the test centre.

First, you will go through the screening procedures to see if you qualify to participate in study.  For this study and to be eligible to take part in the clinical procedure you must be in good general health and be aged 18-50. You must have previously had a diagnosis of atopic dermatitis (Eczema) and have active atopic dermatitis with visible areas on your body.

If eligible the biopsy sampling procedure will be performed. You will have 2 biopsies performed on 2 different areas on your body. The desired suture type for this study is dissolvable which requires no further visit to the test centre; however, during the procedure the Doctors may use non-dissolvable sutures, if medically required. If this is the case, you will be invited back for a 2nd visit to remove the sutures and will receive an additional expenses cheque for £10.

Attendance 1 Visit

You will be required to attend ONE Visit below. - This visit will take 1 hour and 45 minutes.

Tuesday 03 December 2019 – appointments available between 8:30am – 2pm.

Please note there may be additional visits available awaiting medic confirmation so please let us know if you are interested but cannot attend the visit above.

Inclusion Criteria

Inclusion Criteria

Male or Females.


Aged 18 – 50.

Able to communicate well with the investigator.

Provision of written informed consent to participate as shown by a witnessed signature on the subject consent form.

Suitable biopsy sites, moderate to severe as assessed by the study medic.

Exclusion Criteria

Exclusion Criteria

Those suffering from any blood borne viruses e.g. HIV, Hepatitis.

Those suffering from any medical condition which, in the opinion of the test personnel, will automatically exclude them from participating in the study.

Those who have participated in a similar study in the last month.

Any allergy to xylocaine and adrenaline.

Any history of delayed or problems with wound healing e.g. keloid scars.

Pregnant or nursing (lactating) women.

Those regularly taking antihistamines.

Those who have applied any topical products including emollients to the biopsy site within 48 hours of study visit.

Those who have used systemic steroids within 6 weeks of study visit.

Those who have used oral anti-inflammatory drugs within 2 weeks of study visit.

Those who have used topical steroids within 1 week of study visit.

Those treated with biologics or oral steroids within 6 weeks of study visit.

Those with disease present only on hands would not be accepted onto the study.

Study Restrictions

Study Restrictions

Donors are advised to refrain from using ibuprofen and Aspirin 24 hours prior to and after the procedure as these medicines may make the wound ooze more. If the donor required to take a pain medication paracetamol is recommended.

Donors are advised to keep the wound dry for the first 48 hours. If the dressing gets wet, they should apply Vaseline (provided by alba) to the sites and replace with a dry breathable dressing.

Donors are advised that after 48 hours it is better to leave the wound uncovered unless clothing irritates the area or there is discharge from the wound.

Donors are advised to avoid swimming, heavy lifting and sports while their stitches are in place and take care for a couple of weeks after they have been removed.


You will receive £125 expenses on completion of your biopsy visit.

This will be paid in a cheque in your name.

How to Apply

To take part in this study please reply to this email.